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Quentin's Curiosities

May we introduce you to the fabulous Quentin & his curiosities from around the world. He has asked me to write the details down as his paws are a little too large for the keyboard and he has a few issues with spelling, although his grammar is impeccable.

Quentin the cat
Quenin the cat

He has asked me to let you know that he will continue his never ending mission to root out and present to you the very finest items from little known places which he feels you should all benefit from. As they are so rare he will only have incredibly limited numbers (usually only one) so these items are very much first come first served.

Keep your eyes peeled in our shop for the our new Quentin merchandise and our official Quentin Approved logo.
Quentin with notebooks
Quentin the cat in a post hat
Quentins logo
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